Renew Your Brand Promise for the New Year

Renew Your Brand Promise for the New Year

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This is a great time of year to renew your brand promise. Just like renewing vows in marriage, you recommit yourself to your brand promise. But unlike marriage vows, the promises are not yours. They’re the sum of your customers’ perceptions, expectations and beliefs about your brand. Customers “own” your brand and your br … [Read more...]

Successful Brand Builders Use Representatives to Insure Program Execution at Every Level


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The best brand building signs and merchandising materials we ever saw were in the dumpsters of the very distributers who were expected to use them to sell the products of the brands they represented. What were they doing there? Because the distributers only had a limited amount of space in their warehouses, and needed to … [Read more...]

Flawed Heroes Are Still Heroes

The Imperfect Buddha is the Perfect Buddha


Why do we take such exception to authority figures who are less than perfect on the one hand, and find thought leaders who admit to their mistakes more credible on the other? It seems counter intuitive to expect perfection in all areas from those we consider experts while finding them hard to believe until we see their … [Read more...]

Domestic Solar Brand Needs Repair


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Orders for domestic solar roof installations are, well, “through the roof!” As solar power finally becomes mainstream, we thought we’d share our experience with solar. We were early adopters. We put in our first solar array in 1998 and have been using solar to produce both electricity and hot water ever since. It feels good … [Read more...]

The Mob Museum Adds History, Color, and Character to the Las Vegas Brand



It's ironic that the same former federal courthouse in downtown Las Vegas that was the site of hearings and criminal proceedings against so many mob members wound up being a tourist attraction in the very town that was, in large part, originally built up by the mob to become the gambling capital of the world. You'd think … [Read more...]